Daniel Bisig, Jan Schacher

Magnets is a generative piece in which individual loudspeakers assume the behaviours of magnets. Their movements are controlled by forces of attraction and repulsion. The sonic characteristics of the magnets depend on their respective orientations. Sudden spontaneous movements of a few magnets give rise to a burst of activity and sonic shifts that propagates through the entire installation.
The sound world follows the activity of the magnets. It scans across musical material, with string and prepared piano sounds becoming fragmented and suspended in a vibrating cloud of sound. The activity propagates across the speakers in waves that are visible both in movement and sound.

Magnets: code, visualisation and movement score.

Magnets version A

Magnets version B

These are stereo-downmixes of the composition, visualised with a simulation of the movements across the speaker array. Please refer to the gallery videos for a more natural impression. However, neither of these videos can properly represent the enveloping and spatial character of the composition and the installation.