The Left-Hand Path

Medusa Cramer

The question as to what today‘s enlightenment processes should look like – referring to the processes for raising awareness in society with a view to exposing and dismantling the existing power structures – requires an urgent answer. The Left-Hand Path system is associated with a diabolic figure, which manifests itself as enlightenment in its purest form, as an antagonist, as a rebel and as symbol of polemic and failure, urging listeners, in specific terms, quite simply to challenge the established ways of thinking, as Kant put it in his maxim Sapere aude! Have courage to use your own reason! On the Left-Hand Path, several fundamental enlightenment-seeking questions arise: What society do we live in? Are we content with our current way of life? How can we determine our own destiny? In the audio play, these questions are posed by individuals characterised by having an oppositional attitude towards their environment: artists, radicals, intellectuals, sectarian gurus, alcoholics, the exploited and supporters of an alternative society. The Left-Hand Path is like a maze: a broad range of views are expressed, but which lines of thought lead out of dead ends? Can listeners find their way out of this maze of thought?


The Left-Hand Path: views from the composition process, the movement control, and the spatial sound trajectories including positions and mixing values.

The Left-Hand Path – Fortuna

The Left-Hand Path – Option Kunst

The Left-Hand Path – Wüste

These are stereo-downmixes of the compositions visualised with a simulation of the movements across the speaker array. Please refer to the gallery videos for a more natural impression. However, neither of these videos can properly represent the enveloping and spatial character of the composition and the installation.